Although some minor wear of the paintwork on graphite shafts is to be expected on clubs beyond a certain age, we cannot accept clubs that have spots of wear greater than a centimetre. We also cannot accept wear that has gone beyond the layer of paint and worn the graphite itself. Find more info on >golf online store here.
Although it is difficult to see from this picture there is a dent in the crown of this driver. Dents such as these are most commonly caused by contact with irons, either when being put back into the bag with no headcover or possibly when clubs are rattling around in the back of the car. Either way we cannot buy clubs with dents/depressions to the head.
The dent in the sole of this driver is a lot more obvious. Dents like this are not caused by clubs banging together - they are caused by the user (most probably taking anger out on the club after a topped drive). It would be very rare for this kind of impression to be created by clubs banging together - either way, we cannot take in clubs with dents/impressions in the head.
A new trend that is becoming very popular amongst golfers is to disguise sky marks by colouring over the skied areas or painting over large areas of the head. As you can see via the picture link the customer has used an excessive amount of white paint to try and disguise the sky marks. so much was used that it has leaked over on to the clubface. These clubs will not be accepted and will be sent back to the sender.
Here is another example of a poor re-shaft. This time however a bolt has been fitted instead of a hosel, maybe they were trying to innovate a new 'screw in shaft'. Who knows but sadly we can not accept clubs without the proper parts used when re-shafting.
If your blades have a coating please ensure that it is still smooth before sending in your clubs. As you can see from the example above there is a case where some forged clubs can develop a ripple. If your irons are like this we will not be able to accept them in.